Welcome one and all. I guess it was about time that I started my own Blog so I could share my vision of the profiPhotos WEB site.  Before I get into that though, a bit of background information about me is probably a good start.

Markus with Sony DSC-F828

I have been involved with Photography from the young age of fourteen when my father gave me my first 35mm SLR camera. Back then it was a real challenge for me to grasp the concepts of f-stops and exposure times and how when the numbers on that funny ring got bigger the pictures became sharper but yet less light actually got inside the camera to expose the film. It took me weeks of practice before I was able to shoot an entire roll of film and have all the photos turn out properly exposed. On top of that, adjusting that other knob also controlled the amount of light getting into the camera and if I wasn’t careful started blurring my photos.

Well since then, I have taken thousands upon thousands of photos, worked in a camera store for a few years, worked as a professional photographer for many more, won prizes for some of my photos as early as my high school days and have never lost my love for "capturing the moment”.

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