profiPhotos News: Firefox 3 Ready

The new version of Mozilla’s Firefox is here. Never before has there been such a hype surrounding a new WEB browser release! The good news is, that profiPhotos News is 100% ready to take advantage of all the new features of Firefox.

This blog has been designed from the onset to be multilungual. As of last week, a new version of this blog went live supporting both the English and German languages. Here I’d like to show you a nifty little trick you can use in Firefox to automatically display this and other internationalized sites in the language of your choice. If you haven’t yet downloaded Firefox 3, I’d encourage you to do so. It loads faster, displays pages faster and has many new “intelligent” features that enhance your Internet browsing experience.

Download Firefox 3 – Windows (GB) English version.British Flag
Download Firefox 3 – Windows (US) English version.American Flag
Download other Firefox 3 (Windows, MAC, Linux) versions.

  1. Firefox Options ContentFirefox Tip: To begin with, select the menu option Tools » Options and then click on the “Content” tab. Your pop-up window should look like the one on the right. Now click on the “Choose …” button in the Language section (near the bottom of the window).

  2. Languages Pop-upA pop-up window appears similar to the one on the left. If the language you want to use already appears in the list of languages you can skip to step 4.

  3. Add a LanguageIn order to add a language to the above list, open the drop down list of languages, select the one you’d like to add and click on the “Add” button to confirm your selection. The language list should now include the additional language(s) you selected.

  4. Move LanguageTo inform Firefox which language you wish to use as your default, ensure that it appears on the top of the list. In this example, select English (by clicking on it), then click on the “Move Up” button to move the language one position towards the top of the list.

    Note: Here you see a few similar looking language entries. If in doubt which one to use, simply use the shortest version.

    English at Top of ListYour screen should now look like the one shown on the right.

  5. Finally click on “OK” and once again “OK” and you’re done.

I hope this little tip was informative and helpful. I will be producing many more tips & tricks (mostly photography related) but wanted to make sure your viewing of this blog is easy and fun.

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2 comments to profiPhotos News: Firefox 3 Ready

  • Thomas

    Wollte mal fragen ob du mit WP_multilingual von Oleg zufrieden bist da ich auch gerade nach einer Möglichkeit für eine mehrsprachige WP Website suche.
    Google Maps: hab mich für entschieden, ist auch nicht schlecht,

  • Hallo Thomas,

    eigentlich schon.  Ich hatte ein kleines Problem (kannst du in WordPress Forum nachschlagen) und Oleg hat es innerhalb eine Stunde gefunden und korrigiert.  Mit dem Editor FCKEditor For WordPress die für sein Plugin erforderlich ist war ich niemals zufrieden aber in seinen neuen Version 2.0 (jetzt im Beta erhältlich) kann man mit dem normallen WP Editor arbeiten.

    Fazit: Hohl dir den neuen version 2.0 von WP_Multilingual und bau deine Seite mit diesen auf.

    Ich wollte zunächst mein Theme überarbeiten (Fluid und ein frisches “look”) und wird auf jeden fall weiter mit WP_Multilingual arbeiten.

    Grüsse Markus

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