Sorting out the Blog Theme

As I am quickly learning, everyone has their own idea of what makes the perfect Blog theme. I guess that’s why we all are individuals – and this is a good thing! Well, I’m no exception to this rule and that’s why I’m sitting here after working a full 12 hour shift, and should actually be going to bed, but instead I’m looking over Blogs from other creative people and picking out the cool, neat, and other innovative features to be incorporated into the theme I’ll be building for the profiPhotos Blog.

That’s what I think is so interesting about a Blog – friends, family and loved ones can know what I’m up to and can experience the building of this Blog and the WEB site through my daily log entries. (I promise I’ll keep them short so as not to lose too many readers)

Right now, I’m going to finish my cup of tea, review a few more Blogs and then it’s off to bed …

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