Lightroom 2 Video: Adjustment Brush in Action

Our first Lightroom 2 video is now online.  The general feeling I get browsing the Internet, is that Adobe has captivated the hearts of many photographers with the new Adjustment brush.  Videos and comments are cropping up everywhere and the most popular theme seems to be localized adjustments in Lightroom.  Many die-hard Photoshop users will still scoot over to Photoshop to handle the big retouching jobs but I think it was never the intention of Adobe to replace Photoshop (in fact they’ve made the interface to Photoshop a lot better).  It’s just nice to have the option to do some retouching in Lightroom without having to constantly switch to Photoshop.

We’ve produced a 25 minute video showing the kind of adjustments or retouching that is now possible in Lightroom.  We haven’t covered all the bells and whistles of the tool, however we have shown it’s application in your everyday photo work flow.

Click on either the Title of this article or the link "Read the rest …" to go to the video page. Then click on the large image to start the video!




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2 comments to Lightroom 2 Video: Adjustment Brush in Action

  • karatedog

    This brush tool is flawed from the beginning. I can even see how marketing guys were discussing how to cripple the equivalent Photoshop function so not to create a competitive product.
    - Constant checking of brushed area (to see if I perfectly covered an area) -> A simple lasso tool, or a brush layer would have solved the problem.
    - you have to buy a dual quantum CPU to make brush display continuous while drawing -> solution: turning off the effect while drawing
    - and last, it is OK that it’s not nice to steal ideas (and they might be patented), but a selective color tool, like Nik’s U-control or a zoned selector like in DxO or LightZone would be ultimate. Not the adjustment tools, just the selector.

  • Johnno

    Excellent tutorial. I have read a number of books and other articles on Lightroom but your presentation definitely increased my understanding. Thanks and Regards. Johnno

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