Panorama: Mount Untersberg in Austria

Well we’re back from our shooting assignment in Austria and naturally we want to show off some of our photos.  We were in the vicinity of Salzburg in Austria and took a small excursion up Mount Untersberg with the cable car.  Read more about Mount Untersberg here.  In the photo on the left, I’m standing on one of the peaks at a height of about 1,860 meters.

While we’re editing the photos in preparation for the Flash gallery, I wanted to give you a taste of what’s coming.  The last photo in this mini-gallery is a Panorama comprised of 11 individual shots.  An assignment for those interested; send us your comments and tell us how many people are visible in the panorama photo.  To make it easier, we’ve provided the full size panorama at a resolution of 12,830 by 3,206 pixels for download (see below).

profiPhotos Gallery

Download the Panorama (12,830 x 3,206 – 8.8 MB) with the right mouse button.



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