Photo Gallery: Folklore about Mount Untersberg

Legends about Mount Untersberg

  1. Inside the mountain rests Emporer Carl the 5th., (1500-1558) who will sleep until his beard wraps around a table three times. It has already grown to a length of two rotations and when it reaches the third, the Emporer will awaken and the biblical judgement day will come.
  2. When 24 ravens fly around the mountain 3 times, the sleeping Emporer will awaken. However, he must remain in the mountain until the famous “Dwarf Stone” is found with which all the dwarves that live in the mountain are transformed into humans. Only then can the Emporer return to the living.
  3. If someone is able to release the Golden Sceptre that the Emporer clutches in his hand and lead 3 capers against Untersberg (the mountain), the Emperor would be released from his eternal sleep. He would then arise out of the mountain with his armies and begin the last world war. This would be the start of the biblical judgment time on earth.
  4. At each birthday celebration of the Emporer a solemn procession of dwarves takes place on Untersberg. Anyone who happens to be on the mountain during the celebration would be lost forever as the dwarves love nothing better than to be left alone.

Source: Alpensagen by Theodor Vernaleken, Verlag Anton Puket 1938

Photo Shoot in Grödig and Mount Untersberg

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  • Popovici Jutta

    Schaut mal nach, ob es sich tatsächlich um Kaiser Karl V. handelt, das glaub ich nämlich nicht: diese geschichte wird von Karl dem Großen erzählt, das was etliche Jahrhunderte vorher…

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