Lightroom 2: Free Graduated Filter Presets – Sunset

Want to get the most out of your sunset and sunrise photos?  We’ve recently been developing shots featuring sunsets and we’ve put together a graduated filter presets package that is surely a useful addition to Lightroom.  These are not general purpose presets; they are specifically designed to work with sunset (or sunrise) shots where the sky is over exposed and foreground elements are under exposed.  In most cases you’ll be able to use these as a starting point and then make further adjustments to suit the individual photo.

In this collection you’ll find a set of five presets.  The presets contain a Level I, II, III and IV intensities that should cover most shooting situations.  Additionally there’s a sunset fantasy category – well, just for fun.  We’re happy to share these with the photo community and if you find them useful – please tell us about it.  A sample before and after shot using each of the five graduated filter presets follows …


Sample Photos using the Sunset Graduated Filter Presets
Original Photo Sunset Preset – Level 1 Sunset Preset – Level 2
Sunset Preset – Level 3 Sunset Preset – Level 4 Sunset Fantasy Preset


Installing the Presets

To install the presets, click on the link below to download them.  Then unzip them into a temporary folder on your hard disk.  In Lightroom, right click on the Gradient Presents folder in the Develop module, select import and locate the temporary directory you unzipped the files into in step one.  Double-Click on the profiPhotos folder and then click on the first preset and Shift-click on the last one and finally click on Import.  You can also watch our new video to see the installation process.

Download Here


Download the Lightroom 2 Sunset Presets Collection

Collection:  Lightroom 2 Sunset Presets
Version:  1.0
Updated:  18. September 2008
Size:  10.37 KB
Downloaded:  8,613 times.


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