Video: Advanced Graduated Filter in Lightroom 2

Downtown City

We’re proud to announce our second Lightroom 2 video is now available!  This time we’ve focused on the graduated filter.  We’ve assembled a collection of advanced tips to encourage you to get the most out of this tool.  Pictured here is a photo out of the video that shows (when compared with the photo on the right) the subtle but amazing corrections you can achieve with the graduated filter in Lightroom 2.

Downtown City We’re pleased with the look of our latest video and look forward to producing many more.  So sit back and relax and enjoy the show.

Editorial Comment:  We are looking for feedback from you!  We receive so few comments that we can only wonder if we’re providing useful content.  We see the number of people who watched our last video or downloaded our recent presets but no feedback!  So take a moment and share your thoughts with us.




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