Adobe Lightroom 2.1 Final Release – First Impressions

Lightroom 2.1

Well as most know, the final release of Lightroom 2.1 was released yesterday – Oct. 22, 2008.  First impressions are extremely positive and my personal feeling is, that it is much snappier now, which should make all of us happier.  The installation went through without a hitch and the thing that immediately impressed me was that the folders did not take FOREVER to load and populate the photo counts.

Naturally, I took it through it’s paces, importing new photos, switching folders and basically getting a feel for the new girl.  It wasn’t until I tried loading up a couple of Adjustment Brushes that it was clear to me that Adobe must of been working on this area of the program.  Now I’m using an old clunker of a system (by today’s standards) with a single AMD processor and 2 Gigs of Ram, an old ATI Radeon graphics card, etc. but I was able to notice improvements.  Previously, Lightroom 2 would really slow down when I had more than one localized adjustment active on the photo.  As you will see in the accompanying video, it now behaves respectively on my system to the point where I will most likely start using the Adjustment Brush in a few instances where I normally would have skipped it.

Video: Lightroom 2.1 Check Out

In the video, you’ll see the features I was able to confirm that are either much faster, fixed or in my opinion vastly improved.  To highlight, what we show;

  • Starting up Lightroom 2.1 and the loading of folders and photo counts,
  • The ‘three dot’ indicator in the Grid view doesn’t hang around anymore,
  • The ‘Any Searchable Field’ now correctly locates text within captions,
  • Lights Out mode does not flicker in Windows when the Details panel is active,
  • More fluid behaviour of the Graduated Filter and Adjustment Brush.

Click on the photo below to start the video.




As I said my first impressions are good and I thank Adobe for listening to their customers in quickly bringing out this ‘dot’ release.  I look forward to continued improvements to the localized adjustments that Adobe is still working on.

Links to Download

By clicking the following link, you’ll be directed to Adobe where you’ll find the new Lightroom 2.1 update and the Camera Raw 5.1 update.

Please Note:  The Camera Raw updates are for Photoshop – you don’t need this for your Lightroom update.  Have a blast guys.


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