Video: How to install Presets in Lightroom 2

Autumn Leaves

We’ve just released our next Lightroom 2 video!  This release is a milestone for us in that we’ve produced not one but three videos in three languages – English, French and German.  With our last video, we realized that our French neighbours are strong in force and we welcome them to this site.  We have produced this short video in order to stream-line our work flow (which is not easy) in producing quality content in three languages.  We are currently working on a major article which will cover the second most loved feature in Lightroom – presets.

This video acts as a preview of that article and provides clear, concise instructions for getting presets into Lightroom.  The techniques shown here apply to almost all presets within Lightroom.  Enough said, enjoy the information and eye-candy – it’s just a small sampling of things to come …




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