Photo and Lightroom Preset: Nov. 12, 2008

Two Leaves on Branch

Here’s the new photo of the week. Since I thought this could be a great learning opportunity for those just getting into Lightroom 2, I made a small format change to the photo of the week column. Instead of just publishing the develop settings used to create the photo of the week, I’m publishing the original photo AND the preset used in Lightroom 2 to develop that photo. This way you can see for yourself what changes were made to the original photo to achieve the finished photo presented here.

The only requirement is that you have a copy of Lightroom 2. If you don’t own a copy of this magnificent photo management software from Adobe, a link is provided allowing you to obtain a free 30 day evaluation copy.


Original Photo – Straight out of Camera (SOOC)

Included in the download is the original photo (converted to JPG) I took this last week. It is being provided under the Creative Commons license which means you can freely use this photo for learning purposes but credit to the original photographer (me) must accompany the photo for any other use. This photo is not to be used for commercial purposes or passed off as your own. This is not a photo you can do with whatever you please – the copyright remains with me! Read the details of the Creative Commons license that apply to this photo and preset.

Keyword Hierarchy for this Photo

It is very important to keyword your photos. I can’t stress this enough. It’s not always the most glamorous job but you should get into the habit of doing it with each and every shoot. You will thank me later when you’re looking for that one shot and were able to quickly locate it. And why? Because you added keywords to it!

Included in the download is a keyword file specific to this photo that can be directly imported in Lightroom. Import it by using the “Metadata ->Import Keywords …” option in Lightroom 2. It’s an example of how you would set up a keyword hierarchy in Lightroom. Obviously, the WEB Site and the Focus Preset branches are specific to my needs but I’ve left them in as an example.

Keywords for this Photo
  • Colors
    • Yellow
  • Decay
  • Emotions
    • Loneliness
  • Focus
    • Preset
      • Beauty
        • B & W
        • Color
      • High Contrast
  • Light
    • Contrast
  • Nature
    • Leaves
    • Trees
      • Branch
  • Seasons
    • Autumn
  • WEB Site
    • Gallery
      • Lightroom 2

Some Details about the Shot

This photo was taken a few days ago when I was just itching to get out and shoot. The entire week was plagued with overcast skies, rain and cold – the kind of autumn weather where you just want to stay indoors. On the day of the shoot, it had cleared a bit and I saw the sun for the first time in days. I grabbed my camera, went for a walk and snapped the photo you see here. I was only out for a half hour, took about 35 shots and really liked this one. A similar shot which was developed with a different Focus preset can be seen in my Flickr account (there’s not a lot there yet, but I’m working on it).

The Lightroom 2 Preset Used

For this photo, I used the preset “Focus> BW-Hi-Contrast (Center)” to develop the photo. I made the following modifications to the preset – saturation, clarity and sharpness were reduced. In the various quadrants of the photo, exposure was reduced by 1/2 to 1-1/2 stops, and contrast was bumped up to 100%. The other Develop settings can be viewed once you import the photo and apply the preset below. In all, this photo took less than 4 minutes from start to finish.

I’d also like to mention a wonderful Lightroom plug-in (LR/Mogrify) developed by Timothy Armes that was used to produce the borders and watermark on this week’s photo. It is a very flexible plug-in available for download at his site. There’s a version for Lightroom 1.x and a new version specifically for Lightroom 2. The plug-in and associated installation instructions for LR/Mogrify can be found by clicking on this text.

By clicking on the link below, you agree to abide with the stated Creative Commons license applied to this photo and the accompanying Lightroom preset.


Download the Photo and Preset used – “Focus> BW-Hi-Contrast”

Collection:  Nov. 12 Photo and Preset
Version:  1.0
Updated:  12. November 2008
Size:  3.66 MB
Downloaded:  11,814 times.

The entire Focus Beauty Builder Collection of presets can also be downloaded by clicking on the link in the “Related Articles” below.

Downloads from Adobe

Your Comments Please

Why not take a moment and tell us what you think about this week’s post. It is being provided as a learning experience for those learning Lightroom and/or honing their skills with the software. If you develop a shot of your own using the preset provided, include a link in a comment so that everyone can see your use of this preset.

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