Panorama: Mount Untersberg in Austria

Well we’re back from our shooting assignment in Austria and naturally we want to show off some of our photos.  We were in the vicinity of Salzburg in Austria and took a small excursion up Mount Untersberg with the cable car.  Read more about Mount Untersberg here.  In the photo on the left, I’m standing [...]

Camera in a Live Test: Canon 40D versus Canon 30D

Just how does the quality of the Canon 40D compare with that of the older Canon 30D? In this first article for July, we take both cameras for a field test. The results are documented in the text below.

A couple of weeks ago, a buddy of mine bought himself a new Canon 40D. [...]

Photo Gallery: My World in Pictures

Since this profiPhotos Blog is all about photography, I thought I’d share some recent photos I’ve taken. They’re a mixture of holiday, day outings and fun with family and friends. I’m sure there will be a favourite for everyone. I’d love to hear some feedback. Oh yeah, just click on one [...]

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