HDR Photos in Lightroom – Fact or Fiction

So the question surrounding this week’s photo is – is it an HDR (High Dynamic Range) photo? With the advent of digital photography, HDR photography has always been a favorite topic. I personally love HDR photos when they are done correctly and not just for the WOW effect.
It always amazes me [...]

Lightroom 2 Presets: Overcast – Subtle and Stackable

Did you ever notice that most Lightroom develop presets drastically alter your photo? What is that? Is it so that you can see the change in the tiny preview window? I’ll admit, I’ve produced some of these as well, but this week I’m going to focus on some presets that produce very [...]

Photo and Lightroom Preset: Nov. 12, 2008

Here’s the new photo of the week. Since I thought this could be a great learning opportunity for those just getting into Lightroom 2, I made a small format change to the photo of the week column. Instead of just publishing the develop settings used to create the photo of the week, I’m [...]

Photo of the Week: Nov. 1, 2008

I’m starting something new this month! Every week you’ll see a new photo with detailed Lightroom 2 settings on how the photo was developed. There will be a before and after shot as well as screen captures of Metadata and Keywords, Crop Settings, Develop settings and any special notes which may pertain to the [...]

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