Lightroom 2: Custom Grid View and Speed Tips

Has this ever happened to you?  You’re browsing through your images looking for something that you’d like to upload or send to a client.  If you linger over a photo just a bit too long it becomes hidden by this nasty info tip!  Well that’s how Lightroom 2 ships – but that doesn’t mean you [...]

Lightroom 2 Video: Adjustment Brush in Action

Our first Lightroom 2 video is now online.  The general feeling I get browsing the Internet, is that Adobe has captivated the hearts of many photographers with the new Adjustment brush.  Videos and comments are cropping up everywhere and the most popular theme seems to be localized adjustments in Lightroom.  Many die-hard Photoshop users will [...]

Lightroom 2: Adjustment Brush and Gradient Filter – New

Lightroom 2 from Adobe has finally arrived. The best photo management software available just got better. Yesterday, Adobe released the newest Version of Lightroom – Version 2. Following a beta program lasting many months, Adobe has managed to once again surprise us with the introduction of two amazing new tools. Everyone knew that localized [...]

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