HDR Photo Tutorial: Using Photomatix Pro in Lightroom

Due to the immense popularity of the my last article on HDR photography in Lightroom (still #3 in the popular articles list), I decided it was time for another. Just recently, HDR Soft released their newest version of Photomatix Pro software which includes a plug-in for Lightroom. Well it seemed like the perfect [...]

Adobe Lightroom 2.1 Final Release – First Impressions

Well as most know, the final release of Lightroom 2.1 was released yesterday – Oct. 22, 2008.  First impressions are extremely positive and my personal feeling is, that it is much snappier now, which should make all of us happier.  The installation went through without a hitch and the thing that immediately impressed me was [...]

Lightroom 2: Adjustment Brush and Gradient Filter – New

Lightroom 2 from Adobe has finally arrived. The best photo management software available just got better. Yesterday, Adobe released the newest Version of Lightroom – Version 2. Following a beta program lasting many months, Adobe has managed to once again surprise us with the introduction of two amazing new tools. Everyone knew that localized [...]

Lightroom: Professional Photo Management

New Adobe® Photoshop® Lightroom® software is the professional photographer’s essential toolbox, providing one easy application for managing, adjusting, and presenting large volumes of digital photographs.

If you haven’t yet heard about Adobe® Lightroom® you’re missing out on one of the best photo management software packages available.  In this article I’d like to present a small overview [...]

Download: PhotoME 0.79 R16

PhotoME gives you a tool to view and change the Meta data in your digitial photos. Additionally, you have access to the ICC-Profile of your photos.
With this program you can change, edit or delete the EXIF Data that was automatically generated by your Digital camera when you took the photo. The viewing and editing [...]

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