Adobe Lightroom 2.1 Final Release – First Impressions

Lightroom 2.1

Well as most know, the final release of Lightroom 2.1 was released yesterday – Oct. 22, 2008.  First impressions are extremely positive and my personal feeling is, that it is much snappier now, which should make all of us happier.  The installation went through without a hitch and the thing that immediately impressed me was that the folders did not take FOREVER to load and populate the photo counts.

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Video: How to install Presets in Lightroom 2

Autumn Leaves

We’ve just released our next Lightroom 2 video!  This release is a milestone for us in that we’ve produced not one but three videos in three languages – English, French and German.  With our last video, we realized that our French neighbours are strong in force and we welcome them to this site.  We have produced this short video in order to stream-line our work flow (which is not easy) in producing quality content in three languages.  We are currently working on a major article which will cover the second most loved feature in Lightroom – presets.

This video acts as a preview of that article and provides clear, concise instructions for getting presets into Lightroom.  The techniques shown here apply to almost all presets within Lightroom.  Enough said, enjoy the information and eye-candy – it’s just a small sampling of things to come …

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Schoenbrunn Palace: Story, Photo Gallery & Lightroom Presets

Garden View of Palace Schoenbrunn

This palace has to be one of the most beautiful and historically interesting attractions in Vienna, Austria. (For our Lightroom 2 users, we’re making all the presets we used for the photos in this gallery available for download – see below). Our group spent the better part of a day at Schoenbrunn and still did not see everything. The tour inside the castle was interesting (although you’re not allowed to take photos) and caters to those that love historical information or just want to immerse themselves in the lifestyle of the opulently wealthy from centuries past. I remember looking at some of the paintings in the “summer residence” and couldn’t quite fathom how many servants they would have needed to cater a “small party” with a hundred guests. Simply put, the palace and surrounding gardens are huge.

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Video: Advanced Graduated Filter in Lightroom 2

Downtown City

We’re proud to announce our second Lightroom 2 video is now available!  This time we’ve focused on the graduated filter.  We’ve assembled a collection of advanced tips to encourage you to get the most out of this tool.  Pictured here is a photo out of the video that shows (when compared with the photo on the right) the subtle but amazing corrections you can achieve with the graduated filter in Lightroom 2.

Downtown City We’re pleased with the look of our latest video and look forward to producing many more.  So sit back and relax and enjoy the show.

Editorial Comment:  We are looking for feedback from you!  We receive so few comments that we can only wonder if we’re providing useful content.  We see the number of people who watched our last video or downloaded our recent presets but no feedback!  So take a moment and share your thoughts with us.

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Lightroom 2: Free Graduated Filter Presets – Sunset

Want to get the most out of your sunset and sunrise photos?  We’ve recently been developing shots featuring sunsets and we’ve put together a graduated filter presets package that is surely a useful addition to Lightroom.  These are not general purpose presets; they are specifically designed to work with sunset (or sunrise) shots where the sky is over exposed and foreground elements are under exposed.  In most cases you’ll be able to use these as a starting point and then make further adjustments to suit the individual photo.

In this collection you’ll find a set of five presets.  The presets contain a Level I, II, III and IV intensities that should cover most shooting situations.  Additionally there’s a sunset fantasy category – well, just for fun.  We’re happy to share these with the photo community and if you find them useful – please tell us about it.  A sample before and after shot using each of the five graduated filter presets follows …

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