Lightroom 2: Custom Grid View and Speed Tips

Has this ever happened to you?  You’re browsing through your images looking for something that you’d like to upload or send to a client.  If you linger over a photo just a bit too long it becomes hidden by this nasty info tip!  Well that’s how Lightroom 2 ships – but that doesn’t mean you have to leave it like that.  Let’s face it, everyone has their own ideas on what’s useful to see when you’re browsing your photos.  Some want to see a lot of info and others just want to see the shots.  That’s why I’m going to show you how to turn those “info tips” off and present you with two alternatives to configuring your grid view thumbnails.

Since we’re heavily into the production of our next video covering Lightroom 2 workflow speed tips, we’re going to start with the short cut to the configuration menu you’ll need to use …


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Photo Studio Tip: Time Lapse Photo of an Antique Clock

Antique ClockI hope all of you had a pleasant holiday season.  I’m sure many of you are now back and if you’re like me, can hardly wait to get the photos loaded into Lightroom and start reviewing the volumes of priceless memories.  

If any of you are back for a second or subsequent visit to this site you’ll notice that we have a new look at profiPhotos.  Gone is the old, narrow window that constrained the view into our world.  We’re now widescreen and fluid and plan on making good use of the extra real estate we won back with the new design.

In this month’s first article I thought it would be nice to get into a studio setting and see how we photograph an antique clock.  Since we wanted to demonstrate a technique that almost anyone can try, we chose a limited collection of gear for the shoot.  Our equipment consisted of a single flash head (200 Watt), umbrella reflector, light stand, white cardboard reflector, camera (Canon 30D) and a tripod – that’s it.  We travelled with our mini-studio to our shoot location where we had the chance to photograph a working but rare old clock.

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The most beautiful Vacation Photo of 2008

AUDIO VIDEO FOTO BILD und Photo Dose suchen das schönste Urlaubsfoto 2008

Summer, Sun, Beach and Ocean! Or perhaps a garden dwarf or grilled sausages? The summer vacation is for most people the best time of the year and everyone enjoys it in their own way. If you captured that perfect vacation moment with your camera, your photo could soon be awarded the most beautiful vacation photo of 2008. Contest is only open to residents of Germany!

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Photo Gallery: Folklore about Mount Untersberg

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Panorama: Mount Untersberg in Austria

Well we’re back from our shooting assignment in Austria and naturally we want to show off some of our photos.  We were in the vicinity of Salzburg in Austria and took a small excursion up Mount Untersberg with the cable car.  Read more about Mount Untersberg here.  In the photo on the left, I’m standing on one of the peaks at a height of about 1,860 meters.

While we’re editing the photos in preparation for the Flash gallery, I wanted to give you a taste of what’s coming.  The last photo in this mini-gallery is a Panorama comprised of 11 individual shots.  An assignment for those interested; send us your comments and tell us how many people are visible in the panorama photo.  To make it easier, we’ve provided the full size panorama at a resolution of 12,830 by 3,206 pixels for download (see below).

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